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Hi, My name is Shannon Valdez
I am your tour guide for the original Salem Kayak Rentals LLC, recently changed biz to Oregon Kayak Tours LLC.

over 8+ years experienced

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I was born and raised on the old Boat Barn, off the Willamette River in West Salem in 1980. Which my parents owned and ran. We lived on top of the bait shop on the river boat barn as my parents called it. I grew up playing on the river. My father ran called the Willamette River Tours. My father built boats as well. He also own Hansen's Flooring. I spent a great deal growing up on the river and playing in it. I quickly took a love to the sport Kayaks just as it was becoming popular. As the years went by. My knowledge grew quickly in the sport. I spent a few years spending all summer inviting family, friends and new people to try kayaking for the first time. I supply the kayaks and help tour guide them on different kinds of rivers and lakes. I get a real joy bringing happiness and  witnessing a new experience for all these people to forever cherish. I've even started to watch their love grow for the sport as well. And that's why being an outfitter guide, is a dream job!

My childhood parents family business and where we lived on the Willamette River over near Walery's Pizza to the right. Is a under pass from i5 to help pin point where this was.

This shows my love and passion I have for kayaking, by sharing the experience for all.