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Salem Kayak Club Merchandise:(This our Kayak Club Swag)

Amazon Affiliation: (this is gear we wear or have for kayaking like lights etc.) (LINK HERE)

Oregon Kayak Hats: (Pick the color combination you like). 

Here is the YELLOW KAYAK Hats & Beanies:

Here is the PINK KAYAK Hats & Beanies: 

(NOTE) The Hat Logo will be the same size as the rest of ours (large) it will fill the front. There display doesn't reflect this.

MUST READ) Very excited for all our upcoming club paddles, camping trips, Potluck meetups on the river, and my community commercial fun events like the Agate Rock Contest, Tacos at the Narrows, Labor Day Floaty Float, Halloween Paddle, and more! Please follow the Facebook Club's Page (Feature Post). Or you will miss out. Club paddles will be added on as we move into summer, when we can predict weather. If club paddles change at last minute. Then it's your responsibility to follow up with the club paddle organizer. Read club rules and expectations, sign club waiver. This is all in (Feature Post) in club on FB.

PARKING PASSES: With all our Kayak Club camping trips arriving this summer, parking at many paddle locations, and knowing which parking pass to use if you choose not to pay at site can be helpful. I did all the work for you. Click into this link to view all paddle locations to help you plan out your paddling excursions this summer. (LINK HERE)

NEXT COMMERCIAL COMMUNITY EVENT:  JULY: AGATE ROCK BBQ ROCK CONTEST. This is a commercial event and you will need to purchase tickets a few days (before) event. AS ticket sales close early so I can pre-pay for event cost a head of time for each participant. TICKETS are at It's great to RSVP in our CLUB, so others can see who’s all coming as well. So you will need to do (BOTH) rsvp in our club, purchase tickets on biz website and TEXT me to confirm at 503-877-8449.  These commercial events are as low as $5- $15 if you have your own paddle or $45 (55% off) if you need a kayak and it’s a guided trip. (no beginner paddlers for the Agate Rock BBQ Contest & Tacos at the Narrows)  all other paddles are easy. 



NEXT KAYAK MEET UP IN MAY IS: On the water.... If river levels are still to high? We will go the the Wheatland Ferry and set up our firepits, grab your chairs and meal to go. It will be along the Willamette River Wheatland Ferry on the (West side) you can take your car over the ferry from east (Kiezer side). Ferry closes at 10PM


(THIS IS THE LAST NEWS UPDATE) Until September. When we have your monthly meetups back in person on land. Since we will all be busy meeting up on the water May-August.

What’s the difference between Commercial Kayak Group paddles/events  OR Salem Kayak Club Paddles/ events?

For one when I create an event in our Salem Kayak Club Facebook. You (must have to read details) which gives you specific instructions what to do? And if this is a commercial event or club event? It will state (commercial event).

*A commercial event: anyone is welcome to join that do or do not have paddle boats, anyone in or out of our kayak club can participate. And requirement of a purchase ticket is mandatory. Anywhere from $5 to $25. Details will be in the website in events at (This is sperate from a Kayak Club event)

*Salem Kayak Club events (Group Paddles): are hosted by any club member and only for our club. Were not allow to share our club paddles to outsiders or other kayak groups. We have our own club digital wavier we all have to sign before participating. You can find all this in (feature post) when you scroll up in club on FB.

*Pop Up paddles by me, is when I offer a Free Kayak Rental, I will shuttle for FREE for members who do not have a kayak time to time. To give everyone an opportunity who do not have a kayak to kayak and learn in our club. These are usually last minute. Will need to follow club regularly for all opportunities.

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