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We provide tutorials both written and visual. Due to liability. We are not allowed to help in the loading and tie down process. 

Watch our video on how to tie down a
kayak the correct way on a car with no racks and how to tie down front and back of kayak. Its (the law) to have front and back of kayak tied down properly. Please watch full video before picking up your rental.

Salem Kayak Rentals how to delate a paddle board

Watch our video on how to use ratchets the correct way. So you don't loose the kayak.

We provide roof pads, tie downs, hook straps for front of hood and trunk. Making it easy for cars of all kinds to enjoy renting. Please follow photos to help guide you.  

example handle.JPG

This is a Black Rubber handle with a strap loop. Place under Trunk & hood to tie down kayak.

example tie front red car.jpg
example g.jpg

You can place the rubber handle from the front of hood or closer to window. You can also place the rubber handles bottom of trunk or from top near the roof closing section.

example loop hole tie.jpg
example tie down.jpg

Make sure to properly (Tie) the straps above the buckle. To help prevent the strap from slipping.

Make sure to tie down the Green Strap through either a hole or metal steel loop hole, at each end of the kayaks for proper tight tie down. While you pull down on strap for tightening. If you go through the loop hole of the handles. It will break and cause the kayak to fall while driving.

example tie inside car.jpg

Only use the Orange ratchet strap for the center of the kayak. To help reinsure a tight grip. Make sure to loop the orange strap inside the black loop hole as seen in this photo, to help reinsure you only have one hook to worry about loosening. Then toss the strap back over center and back to the ratchet. Don't worry if you forget how to place strap inside ratchet properly. You can watch the how to video again on top of page. If you have 3 kayaks. You will want to use 2 orange straps as seen in photos, and tilt one kayak on its side. After you stack the other two kayaks.

examplw 5 in one.JPG
Tie down 1 salem kayak rentals llc.jpg

How to guide:

1.) Place one pad on top, back side of roof and the other pad towards the front.

2.)Place kayak center of vehicle on top of roof pads.  If your roof is wide enough. You can set 2 kayaks side by side, or stack 2 kayaks or place one kayak side ways against the other kayak as seen in photos.

3.)Take the black rubber handle with strap. Open and shut hood on the handle end, leaving the strap out. And follow the same for the trunk. After pull on strap to make sure the handle is secure and not going to slip out.

4.) Take #1 orange Ratchet strap, open passenger car door, loop and hook the door handle on one end. Follow by taking the orange strap from the middle across going over to the other side. Repeat opening car door, and strapping to inside of car door handle. If you do not have racks on top. Make sure to crank the ratchet tightly. 

5.) Each kayak has either a hole or a metal steel loop for placing the Green buckle tie down strap through for front and back tie down. Please do not use handles. As they will break. Take #2 green buckle tie downs. Go through the hole on one end, and through the black strap loop and pull 95% tightly. Please, leave room to retighten after you tie down the other side As you tighten. It will loosen the other side, And may have to walk around to tighten it 2 -3 times to get a (SOLID) tie down.  

6.) Make sure to walk around and (Re-tighten) straps on all sides. If you can take your hand and shift/ move the kayaks. Then the kayaks are not secured. You will need to tighten the straps to where you can not move the kayaks. Do not miss a step. As wind force while driving. Will shift and move kayaks on top easily. If not done correctly. If the kayaks are sticking out further then the law allows. Please have a red/ orange flag tied on back. We offer plastic grey folded step stools to help you load and unload at our tables. If you need one. Your more then welcome to borrow and return as well.


*Due to roof pads not being returned. We have thick 4 inch foam pads for you to use. Please return all equipment. You are responsible if not returned. 

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