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Please read these river safety hazards.

Please watch the Safety Videos prior to renting the equipment.

*Always wear your life vest at all times.

* Stay away from deathly strainers in moving waters like rivers. You will see these anytime there is obstructions in the water.

*Avoid paddling farther then a quarter away from shoreline.

*Bring Paddle Board Pump with you.

*Bring Change of clothes inside dry bag.

*Dress for water temps, wear dry suit in cold water temps.

*Blow the whistle attached to life vest in an emergency if you do not have a phone device to call 911.

*Stay out of motor boats ways.

*Do not paddle in high winds over 10mph.

*Do not paddle in high water river levels

*Do not paddle in lighting and other dangerous weather.

*Do not drag the kayak or paddle boards across the ground. They can get a hole on the bottom and sink.

*Do not use the kayak ramps, you can snap the paddles in half by pull force.

*Do not put more then one person on a single kayak.

*Do not take children on moving waters, instead stick to lakes.

*Hire our kayak tour guide to help guide you and your family in water ways for a safety alternative.

*Avoid taking infants and toddlers out on the waters. 

*Always bring water, sun screen and snack

*Always paddle with a buddy, bring throw rope.

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