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Everyone always ask where can I find the gear I use for kayaking. 

Here are all the products I use regularly all year round.
Shopping Links provided:


DRYCODE BOOTS for Men & Women. These are a must getting in and out of the kayaks, and help launching others. I stand deep into the water without getting wet. They are 4.5mm neoprene. I have two pairs for back up. Great for not getting wet in cold water.

Here is the Link for the Women's:

Link for the Men's


USHTH Black Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Cover. These are great for back up and less expensive. I keep a spare inside my dry bag or inside my kayak department. I wear two sizes larger to easily slip over my shoes. These are great temporary resource to keeping shoes dry and not getting wet in cold water.
Here is a LINK:

Neosport 3mm Hi-Top Zipper Dive Boot. These are great for my white water trips or fast moving water. Makes it easier to swim in my white water training being lighter weight on the feet and mobile. How ever, you do need to go up extra sizes to be able to fit your dry suit booties inside. Due to this, you may want to try my other water shoes I wear as well. 
Here is the LINK:
Aleader Women's and Men's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes. These are great for me during the summer time. Extremely  light weight and water drains out from all directions. These are also a 2nd alternative to wearing with your drysuit. These are not expensive and buy a new pair every year. Due to heavy use.
Link for Women's:
Link for Men's:

LEAKDRY Waterproof Socks, [SGS Certified] Breathable Waterproof Socks for Men Skiing Cycling Wading Kayaking Running Socks. I have tested lots of brands. And these waterproof socks are 100%. They do the

job. They are not insulated. So I wear a thin sock underneath for warmth. Great for cold water.



FYC Women &  COOPLUS Men Socks Winter - Gifts for Women - Warm Thick Soft Wool Socks. These are a favorite among myself and all my family. These are thin, but yet extremely warm. Works great underneath my waterproof socks, and dry suit for extra warmth and mobility with comfort. Extra warm in my Decode Dry Boots as well. I have over 30 pairs of these socks.



NRS Women's & Men's Endurance Paddling Pants. I will use these during the warmer months, as a splash resistance pants while paddling in (sit inside) kayaks only. As these are not 100% waterproof. 
Link Women's:
Link Men's: 
Gempler's Sugar River PVC-on-Nylon Rain Jacket and Pants. I absolutely love these. My one pair has last me years and keep me 100% dry during my cold water/ weather months while paddling. The PVC, is not breathable, however will keep you dry 100%. You can use them on both sit on top and sit inside kayaks and stay dry. I use extra sizes bigger. To easily throw over my layer pants & shoes during cold water/ weather time. I only us these on flat water/ slow moving water. Where a capsize is highly unlikely and easy to get out of the water by paddling next to shore during cold water time in slow to flat water paddling. 
Drysuit Women & Men's Waterproof, I have a couple pair of these. I have owned both expensive and less expensive dry suits. I do not paddle a lot of cold white water or fast-moving cold water. I found both drysuits of low and high cost. Had the same issues. Both easily got leaks in seams. I found this dry suit comfortable and purchase larger sizes so I can easily slide over multiple layers of thick clothing's underneath to keep me warm. But mobile at the same time in case of a capsize. These dry suits are not insulated. This brand is half the cost and found them very useful and have refer several kayakers to them, that use them paddling with me. 
Women's Link:
Men's Link:

Gihuo Mens & GAYHAY Women Fleece Lined Leggings with Pockets - Thermal Warm High Waisted Winter Thick Yoga Pants. I absolutely love these. I have several pairs. I wear them underneath my drysuit, rain pants or sweats as an extra layer of warmth during cold weather time. Layers is key to staying warm and comfortable. These pants are not too thin or too thick. Making it easy to be mobile getting in and out of a kayak with layers. 

Women LINK:

Men's LINK:


Gihuo Men & Women's Winter Fleece Sherpa Lined Crewneck Pullover Sweatshirt. These are great for staying super warm underneath your jacket or drysuit. Layers and polyester is key to warmth & comfort.

Women LINK:

Men's LINK:


SIMIYA Long Sleeve Thermal Shirts for Men & Women Crew Neck Soft Base Layer Women Cold Weather Thermal Underwear Tops. This is a must have during cold weather and under dry suits as well. I have any of these. Thin, but yet warm and mobile. I wear these under my fleece polyester jackets. Layers are key.

Women LINK:

Men's LINK:


Freedom Foundry Men's or Womens Lightweight Plaid Fleece Shirt. I've owned a lot of flannels. This one is by far the best, cozy and warm. I wear them constantly as thin coat for those light cooler days kayaking. Comes in different colors. I have a few of these specific one. You won't regret it and affordable.


403627322_832835392175576_8752465415021150805_n (1).jpg

Free Country Men & Women's Cascade Canvas Reversible Vest. This is a must have when paddling in cold weather. I attend to wear this vest over my fleece shirts. Keeps all my back, side and front core area warm and insulated from the cold. This vest has a thick warm insulated layer. A must have.

Women LINK:

Men's LINK:

329415797_1637185876745383_7036764484627358033_n (1).jpg

L.L.Bean Hi-Pile Fleece Jacket, softest fleece jacket yet – made from ultra plush heat-trapping high-loft fleece. You won't find me wearing any other jacket kayaking besides the LL Bean Hi Pile Fleece. Worth every penny. Your investment in staying completely warm all year. Look no further. ON my really cold days, I wear my fleece liner shirts and vest as displayed on this page. With the jacket covering over all my layers for a solid block from the cold. So, I do wear a size bigger. I wear this under my dry suit with other layers in extreme cold, to wearing it during light cooler day as well. I have 5 of these. Never find me in the cold with out one. Cold gear, is worth your investment. 

LINK: (Here)


Adults' Mountain Pile Fleece Gloves. These are extremely insulated and warm. I have several pairs. For the most part, they are water resistant. If you splash water on them while paddling. No big deal. If you dip your glove into the water. Then it will become soaked. This is where a spare would be useful. I like the leather grip underneath making it easy to grip paddles.



Carhartt Women's Sherpa Glove, This would be a 2nd choice from the LL Bean Brand I use, For the most part, they are water resistant. If you splash water on them while paddling. No big deal. If you dip your glove into the water. Then it will become soaked. This is where a spare would be useful. I like the leather grip underneath making it easy to grip paddles.

Women LINK:


SLARMOR Men's Winter Leather Work Gloves - Warm Thinsulate Lining for Cold Weather Work, Winter-Work-Gloves with Leather Palm. These are insulated and keep your hands warm. Being a waterproof leather outside material. Would decrease mobility. How ever keep your hands dry if you touched thee water. 

Men's LINK:


XUKER Water Gloves, 3mm & 5mm Neoprene Five Finger Warm Wetsuit Winter Gloves. These are good for white water. Where getting your hands are more likely to get wet and stay wet. These are not insulated. Unless you are swimming, these will keep your hands cold and less mobility. I only use these for white water.


405706399_835949858530796_3811872897111108061_n (1).jpg

Joyoldelf Ski Mask for Men Women Balaclava Face Mask Full Winter Mask Breathable Sports Mask. I am never Kayaking in the cold without one of these face shields in my dry bag, in my kayak or on me. A must have during cold weather. It blocks the cold air completely. To be able to cover your ears, head, and face is critical to keeping warm. I have many of these. 



MAYLISACC Winter Knit Beanie Hat Neck Warmer Scarf and Touch Screen Gloves Set 3 Pcs Fleece Lined Skull Cap for Men Women. This is another set I will use time to time. Mainly to cover my neck.


397413997_817148973744218_784088517504887123_n (1).jpg

Finvizo Winter Neck Warmer Ski Face Mask: Neck Gaiter Mask Face Cover. These I also wear just as much as the others. These are thinner, for not as cold days. Yet still keep you very warm from the cold. The plus side is it has a string to tighten it and yet not have to be tight against your face. More breathable.  I also give these away as prizes for everyone. A must have in your dry bag. 


403620239_832835075508941_4741213648355931302_n (1).jpg

C.C Unisex Plain Cuff Skull Cap Winter Knit Beanie Hat. These are the only beanie brand and type I wear during cold weather. Its warmer vs. the other types C.C. makes. I have a dozen of these. And a must have for inside your dry bag. Comes in many colors. 


404947763_10159830282506616_8931115731724375706_n (1).jpg

All Richardson Snap Back Hats (Oregon Kayak Tours Logo) Hat Orders, must be order through me. By sending a text message request to phone # 503-877-8449. They are $25 each and each design is labeled. These hats are amazing. Each one stitched into the hat. Top quality and will last you a lifetime. 

Wearing a hat is a must have for safety. If you don't have a hat, makes it easy for the sunshine/ rain to take away from your vision to prevent from capsizing into strainers and rocks. You will not never find me without a hat or in my dry bag. 

SKC women t.jpg

Please go to my store link:

409932494_10159855649931616_1900741102477850274_n (1).jpg
406731352_10159844145536616_6691515894295208760_n (1).jpg

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack 5L/10L/20L/30L/40L, Roll Top Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking. I like this Dry bag over the clear ones. These are more sturdy and stitching does not come undone. They come in all sizes. I have a few in each size. Dry bags are a must have while kayaking. Especially in cold water, and have spare dry clothes can be life saving, and keep first aid kit inside of. Along with battery pack chargers. Especially if your phone is not water proof.



OMGear Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack Phone Pouch 40L/30L/20L/10L/5L Floating Dry Sack for Kayaking. I like the color design this dry bag offers. Has a better stitching vs. the clear ones. I attend to stay away from the clear ones. Since I have had a dew break easily and come un-done.



HEETA 2-Pack Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap, Screen Touchable Dry Bag with Adjustable Belt. This is a must have as well. I have one for myself and customers to place all their key fobs and other valuables inside. I will snap this in the inside of my kayak department for safe keeping. Thess specific one, has a much larger bag to place large size phone and keys inside vs. the others. 



Harmony Gear Micro Flotation Set | Float Bags for Kayaks | Silver | Two Bow and Stern Bags | Universal Fit - 8-10 Foot Kayaks. These are great for all kayaks. To help better with flotation. If there was ever a capsize of a sit inside kayak. Doesn't hurt to have extra precautions.



XIALUO Marine Kayak Anchor Kits 7 lbs Folding Anchor Accessories with 50 ft Rope for Fishing Kayaks, Canoe, Jet Ski, SUP Paddle Board and Small Boats. 

I own a few of these. I can tell you I have seen my kayak drift away with a 3.5pd anchor. This one is 7pds anchor. For the most part, its held really good. I wouldn't leave it anchor in fast moving water. But if there is a wind or slight current pull. It will not go any where.



Extreme Max 3006.6548 BoatTector Complete Grapnel Anchor Kit for Small Boats, Kayaks, PWC, Jet Ski, Paddle Boards, etc. - 3.5 lbs. If you are in flat lake water and want to anchor in on a non windy day. This will help do the job. I own this one as well. The 7lbs one is better for heavier duty. But this one is ideal for lakes.



NAUMONE 25KN Climbing Carabiner UIAA Certified - D Shaped Screw Lock Heavy Duty Aluminum Carabiner Clip, Professional Screwgate Locking Carabiner for Rock Climbing, Mountain, Rappelling.

I use these in my white water rescue training. These work well in situations that this helps in a water rescue where they would be hand with ropes. Also to make sure your dry bags are secured on kayak.


81x8YeNjcBL._AC_SY741_ (1).jpg

Carabiner Clip 5 Pack - Multipurpose Heavy Duty Carabiner - Snap Hooks - Carabiner Heavy Duty - Small Carabiner Clip - Large Carabiner Clip - Clips for Keys - Carribeaner Hook.

These are (HEAVY DUTY). This is a must have for all kayaks and securing drybags down as well to kayak. I couldn't imagine not having one on me while kayaking. My car keys must be secured and clip on inside my dry department in my kayak.



JIALEEY x2 PACK Strong Large Durable Buggy Carabiner.

These are not as strong at the smaller silver one above. I attend to avoid the smaller color ones, as they do not last very long and can easily break. How ever the larger ones are little better. The end with the larger handle makes it easy to clip on next to my seat to release quick and attach fast. 



369205518_196113416808421_2119910599660342315_n (1).jpg

Werner Camano Fiberglass Straight Shaft Kayak Paddle, 

About this item

  • Mid-size Premium fiberglass blades , continuous weave, low angle design

  • Advanced dihedral power face , 52 x 16 cm, 650 sq in.

  • Carbon blend shaft, 2-piece take-apart design, adjustable offset

  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA, 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • Average weight: 772 g (27.25 oz)

These are the only kayak paddles I will ever paddle with. They are light weight, makes it easier for maneuvering mobility and strength.

I paddles all day, and sometimes 5 day straight, I paddle upriver against strong currents and tow people. My wrist was damaged by lift 250pds bounce houses for my other biz. And Werner goes easy on my wrist when they are inflamed. Easy on your shoulders as well. From a medical stand point. These are a must have and the lightest paddles on the market that I am aware off. Worth every penny. Your Health is worth the investment. I have to have the very best. (IT IS IMPORTANT) to purchase right size. 220 shaft is a basic regular size. This is the same size paddles you get with the lower cost model kayaks. They are your standard basic universal size. If go below this number, it will be for shorter people in sit inside kayaks. 230/240 are usually for paddling sit on top kayaks and are for taller people. I have only 220 shafts. I have several Werners and never had any issues. They also make white water paddles and will personalized paddles as well.



ASTRAL LIFE VEST FOR KAYAKING: This is the only life vest Brand I wear. I like the mesh back. Making it easy to lean back against any height (back of Seat) on any kayak. It's extremely comfortable and mobile. I have plenty of extra's room to adjust when I am wearing layers during the winter. I like the v-cut in front, the safety knife holder in front, and two deep zip up pockets on both sides. They come in many different colors and models of choice. They last for every. 

Astral, EV-Eight Unisex PFD, Breathable Life Jacket for Kayaking, Touring, Canoeing.

LINK for all these colors: 


Astral, V-Eight Fisher Life Jacket PFD for Kayak Fishing, Recreation and Touring. 



Astral, E-Linda Women’s PFD, Versatile Life Jacket for Kayaking, Touring, Fishing.



$39.99 Awesafe Adult Watersport Universal Vest, this would be your next best option if you are looking for a cheaper more affordable life vest. Sitting at just $39.99. I know a lot of kayakers with this specific brand and model. They all seem to like it. 



NRS Zen Lifejacket (PFD). I use this specific brand and model rescue life vest for my white water training. It is not nearly as comfortable as my Astral. How ever it is the best vest for white water rescue. As you have the safety pull and release.



Sunenvoy LED Rope Lights Battery Operated String Lights-40Ft 120 LEDs 8 Modes Outdoor Waterproof Fairy Lights Dimmable/Timer with Remote for Garden Camping Party Decoration (Multi-Color) (2 Pack). (These are the only lights allowed to participate in my Night & Lights Kayak Tours/ Events. The other Led strip lights are too bright & blinding. It takes away from my photos I capture. I only use these.


352815433_10159567501671616_4091801135772596122_n (1).jpg

Gear Light S1 LED Safety Lights Bike Taillights [4 Pack] - Clip-On for Boat, Bike, Dog & Runners. If you do not have rope lights for late evening night paddling.  Then these lights would be required by law to have one red and green light on each end of your paddle boat. I use these all the time if I don't have my rope lights and ran into darker paddling than expected. I keep spares in my dry bag. 


61A4YvwbJlL._AC_SX450_ (1).jpg

Perception Bilge Pump for Kayaks - Expels Water From Your Boat. This is a must have inside your sit inside boat. If there was a capsize or lots of water inside your boat. This is a very fast and useful pump to get water out quickly and easy. I have one of these and a basic cheap sponge to soak up water quickly as well. 



Perception Kayak Sponge | Kayaking Water Absorbing Sponge | Absorbs up to 1 Liter. This is a must have inside your kayak if you do not have a pump. Sponge works just as well as a pump. Especially if you got too much water inside your kayak, and unable to lift your kayak over to drain it. You can easily sponge out the water quickly. I have one in all my kayaks. 



QEP 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" Extra Large Grouting, Cleaning and Washing Sponge (3-Pack).

I use these more than the perception sponge. These work the same, if anything they work better. I feel it soaks up water way quicker then then the perception brand. Because, they do not have the extra layer of material. Also great for washing/ kayak scrub for cleaning. These are more affordable and useful. They soak up lots of water quickly and have used it to help rescue others and self in a capsize that took a lot of water in. Did the job quickly. These are cheap and very affordable. Giving yourself several in one pack.



RAILBLAZA Genuine C-Tug Kayak Cart with Puncture Free Wheels Ctug Canoe Trolley Cart. I have a friend that use this brand and found it nicer than mine. You do not have to worry about losing he wheels pins like you do on mine. How ever, I still lke mine as well. Since its easier to break down and slide in smaller department and easier to kayak with wheel cart. Chech out mine below.


A1AGAgMMOWL._AC_SX679_ (1).jpg

ABN Universal Kayak Carrier – Trolley for Carrying Kayaks. I own this wheel as well. I like this brand. Works well. You do want to have a clip for your pin wheel lock. And lock them on the wheels when not in use. So, you do not lose them. Having Wheels for your kayaks. Is a must have. If you have to carry your heavy kayak long distance to your launch. 



Quick Hood Loops Trunk Anchor Kayak Tie Downs Straps Bow Stern Canoe Transport Secure Lashing Point. I have used these many times and had customers use these to transport the kayak rentals. They work great.



Cartman 1" x 12'Lashing Straps Cargo Tie-Down Strap Up to 600lbs, 6pk in Carry Bag.

I use these green straps for all my tie downs and have customers use these for the tie downs of kayak rentals. They work better than any other tie downs I've seen others use and end up causing them problems. Simple are always better.



HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack – Pack of 2, Black – Tie-Downs and Bow and Stern Lines Included – Carries Kayaks, Canoes, Snowboards and SUPs. These are amazing, easy to use. I've always used the expensive rook pads. How ever customers and I have lost them on the roofs. This is a fixed solution so they cannot fly off. This is great. And you do not have to have roof racks.


examples of car s with kayaks.jpg

Watch my how to video to tie down. LINK:


Thule Hullavator Pro Kayak Carrier - Carries 1 Kayak - Roof-Mounted - Lift-Assistance for Easy Loading and unloading - 75lb Load Capacity - Includes Straps and tie Downs. 

This will be one of the very (BEST INVESTIMENT) anyone could do. Thid will help solve a lot of headache and problems in all area. I've seen friends use these. And if I did not have a kayak trailer or a SUV where I can slide my kayak inside my car I would totally buy this. Simple easy and fast. Thule is far the best brand.



Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier, I own this model. This is my 2nd one for my 2nd SUV. And love this brand. It makes it easy storing all my kayak/ camping gear on top of my SUV.


352780585_10159557299851616_6652271481517150490_n (1).jpg

YUANJS Drift Anchor Rope, Marine Rope Tow Line Kayak Drift Anchor Tow Nylon Rope with EVA Buoy Steel Clips Kayak Accessory. This is a must for my guided kayak tours, rescue, or with children and adults that maybe too tired or needing assistance by a tow. I use it count less times, and help to anchor down. How ever, must caution on how you use it and where. There is always away to get capsize in a strainer. And the tow line to get snagged and hung up. Preventing the kayak from being releases. You must have a emergency release tow for fast moving water. This ideal for slow moving water to flat water purposes.



NRS Basic Kayak Tow Line, this tow is more ideal for fast moving waters to fast least pull in an emergency. LINK:


Beiruoyu Water Floating Lifesaving Rope 98.4FT,Outdoor Professional Throwing Rope Rescue Lifeguard Rescue Lifeline. You will not find me ever without a rope throw for rescue purposes. Every Kayakers should have one and take basic river rescue lessons. Learn how to throw.



NRS Captain Rescue Knife, Every Kayaker should carry a rescue knife. I carry this one with me always. If you ever found yourself or someone else in need of, being free from their life vest or any other entrapment.



HEIMDALL Emergency Whistle with Lanyard for Safety Boating Camping Hiking Hunting Survival Rescue Signaling. These are the whistles I use. I like the colors and they are a well made whistle for your life vest. It is required by law to have one on your life vest.



Breakwater Supply™ Waterproof First Aid Kit Dry Bag Bug Out Bag Preloaded with Emergency Survival Prepper Supplies for Boating, Camping, Fishing + Carabiner, Floating, Reflective, AFAK/IFAK Trauma Kit. Doesn't hurt to be prepared. I have to carry this kit with my for being a lic. guide. 



Spot X with Bluetooth 2-Way Satellite Messenger | SOS Protection | Handheld Portable 2-Way GPS Messenger for Hiking, Camping, Cars| Globalstar Satellite Network Coverage | Subscription Applicable. This item is a must have for my guide lic. I have to have away to reach rescue services if my phone wasn't working. This is a life saver. It has saved me when I was off the grid and my car was broken down and when I needed my family to help a customer pick up and item. Without having to get rescue services. I was able to simply send a text message and communicate back and forth. It's nice having a option to pay a very cheap affordable plan for rescue services if i need a life flight for myself or someone else and not be charged extra for such service. It works great It's nice knowing when I'm off the grid I can update my family where I'm at by the GPS tracker and simply asking them how is everything back home. 



Power Bank Solar Charger with flash light 42800 mah. This is a must have for each kayaker for safety purposes.  A away to charge your phone.



Anker Portable Charger, Power Bank, 10,000 mAh Battery Pack with PowerIQ Charging Technology and USB-C (Input Only) for iPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro/15 Pro Max, iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung Galaxy



I never go anywhere without my portable power. They come in many affordable sizes.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300, 293Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Blackout (Solar Panel Optional)



Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station, 1002Wh Capacity with 3x1000W AC Outlets. This size is a lot larger than the 300. I have one in each size. Worth every penny and investment for off the grid. I use these every time i hit the road and camping.



Jackery Explorer 2000 PRO Portable Power Station, 2160Wh Capacity with 3x2200W AC Outlets, Fast Charging, Solar Generator for Home Backup, Emergency, RV Outdoor Camping (Solar Panel Optional) I have one in each size. Worth every penny and investment for off the grid. I use these every time I hit the road and camping.



Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 3000 Pro, Solar Generator with 3024Wh, 2x100W PD Ports, 2.4H Full Charge, Compatible with SolarSagas, for Home Backup. Definitely a must kayak camping off the grid for a week. I love it!


336361631_876232956817913_6109607107822124983_n (1).jpg

Perception Joyride 10 foot and 12f foot - ((Sit Inside)) Kayak for Adults and Kids - Recreational and Multi-Water Kayak with Selfie Slot and Perception Pescador 10 foot and 12 foot ((sit on top)) kayaks,

I own several of these Perceptions Joyride model. It is a cross over, Great for Ocean, Rivers, Flat water and white water class 2. Can buy a skirt for white water. Its heavy duty. It will literally last you a life time. It has a enclosed department behind you that is sealed, keep items dry and safe. It has a seat adjustment. Most comfortable kayak I have ever owned. They are not as expensive as some other brands. 






LINKS for Purple Mystic Color

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