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We have recently changed Biz Name from Salem Kayak Rentals LLC to Oregon Kayak Tours LLC. We wanted to focus all our energy on tours.
We apologies, we are only providing KAYAK TOURS and PADDLE BOARD RENTALS ONLY .

*Excursions/ Tour Guide Services & Paddle Board Rentals: 
MUST BOOK with in 24hrs or sooner.  

KAYAK TOURS ARE: Mon. -Fri. By reservation only. TEXT 503-877-8449 to book.
Paddle  Board Rentals are: $45 for 3 days on wknds. Pickup 5:30-6PM Fri/ Return Monday
at 5:30PM-6PM. Mon-Thursday is same times, Pickup night before, drop off next day.


1.) Text 503-877-8449: First and Last name of EACH PERSON, email address for digital payment, which TOUR LOCATION, Day, if there are minors? Or how many paddle board rentals?  (Must be 18yr or older) to book.

2.) Have everyone sign a digital waiver by text message, you can copy and paste waiver for everyone to sign. 
Verify who is a parent giving
authorization for a minor and the parents name/ number to sign waiver.

3.) MUST MEET SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Cold water tours (no taller then 6'1" and 230pounds or less and in a 10ft sit inside kayak. Warmer water temps, no taller then 6'2" 250pds or less and can use both sit on top and sit inside. (Must be able to physically) climb out of kayak on your own from a sitting position on the ground, no health concerns, not pregnant, and have upper arm strength to paddle against currents/ winds.

4.) PAYMENT:  I will send a digital payment link through email, by SQUARE. There is a card charge of 3.5% of total. 
*As for (TOURS) payments must be prepaid at time of booking, or it is an automatic cancellation. No refunds on the day of tour for no shows.

We will be closed for family time on these dates CLOSE SATURDAYS / SUNDAYS
KAYAK TOURS or RENT PADDLE BOARD $45 for the wkd, Pick up and drop off are MON-FRIDAY by reserved times. 

2023 Vacation Closure Dates: 
* May 23th-25th,
*June 10th, 14th-16th, 21st, 26th-29th
*July 3rs-5th, July 11th-13th, 19th, 24th-25th
*Aug 2nd-4th, 14th

(Future dates to come) Please check back regularly.

Please (reserve) before or after these times.

Take a quick look back into 2020 kayak rentals and tours at Salem Kayak Rentals LLC


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