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Time is TBD


Location is TBD

First Day of Summer Clackamas River Paddle

The Clackamas River is one of the more exciting and FUN kayak paddle. also family friendly 14yrs and older. No more then class 2 water. Level Easy and for beginners. This is our annual first day of summer paddle.

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First Day of Summer Clackamas River Paddle
First Day of Summer Clackamas River Paddle

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About the event

(THIS EVENT HAD BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER, stay tuned for new date. (Updated June 16th 2022)

The Clackamas River is one of the more exciting and FUN kayak paddle. Also family friendly 14yrs and older. No more then class 2 water. Level Easy and for beginners. This is our annual first day of summer paddle. This is a (kayak community base event only for free). For customers, please book a tour by text 503-877-8449. If you are not a Salem Kayak Club Member. You must provide your own transportation and shuttling from launch (Barton Park) to take out at (RiverSide Park). If you like to learn more about Salem Kayak Club. Please email us (INFO) to email:

ATTN CUSTOMERS: For safety purposes, must be no more then 240 pounds, and not taller then 6'1" and will be on a (Sit On Top) kayak. Life vest must be worn entire time. 

ATTN COMMUNITY KAYAKERS: Waivers need to be signed by everyone. You must RSVP. So you can be updated of changes and RSVP to our Group for this paddle. Link is attached below. This way we can communicate 101 and with other members, share photos etc.

You must wear life vest while on or in water, must be on time. Will be forced to leave behind. Make sure to arrive early. It a good 5 1/2 hr. That included a bathroom/ lunch break for 20-30 mins at Carver Park. Larger groups take a bit longer. Shorter groups could be 4 to 4 1/2 hrs. There is always at least one person who goes for a swim. It happens, and usally is fun and a nice cool off from the summer heat. So be prepared. If you listen to all the tips and follow (Guide Shannon) can offer. You lessen your chance of falling in. Rule of thumb, everyone is behind each other, not side by side going down rapids, must follow safety instructions by (Guide Shannon). Everyones participation is very critical for everyones safety. NO ALCOHOL. Must pack a lunch and water, drinks. Change of clothes in dry bag if needed. Hat and sunscreen. (DON'T FORGET YOUR DRY BAG and CLIPS). If its not clipped onto the kayak. Then you will loose it.

(SHUTTLING): There is (2 ways) you can do this. 

EASY WAY: Everyone meets at (launch) Barton State park at 1.5 hrs before lauch time at 10:30am. So plan to drop off kayaks at 8:30AM (unload). One person is droppped off and stay with the kayaks at (Launch) Barton State Park, while you all drive back to the (take out) at Riverside Park. Then from take out, UBER BACK to launch. By time you get back, it will be time to launch. Make sue you are text messaging (Guide Shannon) once you are in the Uber and heading back.


Usually we will meet friends/ SKC memebers at (Take out) at Riverside Park first, to help shuttle kayaks and people in our cars and drive up to (launch) Barton State Park. And have everyone esle leave their cars at take out if possible. And the people who shuttled to Barton, those drivers get shuttled back to get their cars after the paddle by someone who lesft their car at take out. That measn there alwasy someone waiting back at (take out)Riverside park, to watch the kayaks during that time. Unless you can shuttle all the kaysk backs to launch.  Would need at mim. 2 cars, and 2 people if you can both load 2 kayaks on each other cars. OR 2 cars and 3 people. Why the 3rd person watches the kayaks during shuttling times. Honestly, best to just pay the $25-30 to UBER back. Make sure to reaquest an Uber before you leave Barton to head back to Riverside. Incase it takes longer to get an Uber. Make sure to leave your Uber a note, Saying what time you are going to arrive. Incase they get there before you.

If you are a SKC memeber. Usally (Shannon the guide) will bring sit on top kayaks for everyone who needs one and help shuttle other members kayaks in trailer. And will help shuttle people if she can. Must (pre load) your kayak in Shannon's Trailer the night before at Salem Kayak Rentals LLC. If you are not getting a ride by Shannon. You will meet Shannon at Barton State Park by 9AM sharp. So you can help Shannon unload and watch the kayaks. While Shannon drives back to RiverSide Park. Waiting to Uber back in time by 10:30am for launch time. Please RSVP and communicate with shuttling.

There is a $5 statepark fee at Barton State Park. You will be forced to pay $5 if you Uber through. Make sure to take your State Park Pass to by pass this, If you have one.

This is a lot of fun! Check out our Video slide shows of this paddle in tour services on website. (Make sure to RSVP here) and Text Shannon First day of summer Kayak Paddle. To reinsure details and registering.  (Don't forget to join group) RSVP to link below! Thanks

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